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How to buy your personalised licence plate?

DVLA how to obtain a special plate for your car?

You can freely obtain a special plate for your car, but you will need to get prepared to a couple of specialties especially due to the UK laws. That’s why we are here to help you with some important things which are good to know.

There are 4 key types of number plates which can all be purchased in the UK. Out of the 4 it’s currently 2 styles which are easier and cheaper to sort of personalise but it’s important to note, that you cannot just make up a special plate for you: you have the choice to choose out of those which were once produced for someone else earlier and are now out on sale. This is a big limiting factor, which makes this business so specific in the UK. The older style number plates, particularly those which only contain one letter and one number and the old Northern Irish number plates which contain 3-4 letters and 3-4 numbers are some of the rarest and most cherished sorts.

Due to the big market DVLA the primary authority that deals with vehicle and driving related paperwork, permits, licences and certificates has decided to set up its exclusive site that deals with the selling and auctioning of number plates. This is a great place particularly for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend but still would like a specific combination to make their licence plate look all the more unique. If someone wants something more exclusive and can afford so, it’s best for them to turn to a licenced dealer that’s featured on the website of DVLA. These dealers are great to visit because oftentimes they also act as resellers to individuals therefore they have a high number of number plates including really exclusive pieces which often sell well above a million British Pounds.

The most cherished registration numbers include those which give a message, a name, a nickname but particularly those which refer to the exact brand’s number or release, which can include brands with particular names such as Audi’s A series or BMW’s M series, not to mention the higher luxury brands. There are tons of wealthy car fanatics who are continuously on the lookout to find these exclusive number plates, while others look for different combinations.

On the website of DVLA Registrations and on the websites of bigger dealers you also have the chance to give a try and see, if one or more of your best preferred combinations are available or not. Unfortunately as we have stated above, if there is no such combination, then you ought to wait up until the point it turns up. With some dealers offering over a million combinations, the chances are high that you will find the combo you are looking for.

It’s essential to note, however that buying a registration number does not include the actual making of the number plate. You will get the right along with the paperwork to put the registration plate on your car. The making of the plate will need to be done by a registered number plate supplier for extra money. For more information, please check out DVLA’s official site through

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