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About DVLA registration site and the auctions

When it comes to getting a new number plate, you need to start with the registration number. There are tons of registration numbers available on sale for everyone, who are looking for a particular letter or number combination and they can find a special plate that’s exactly to their taste or one that’s close to it. However, when it comes to older plate numbers, the prices instantly go sky high. This means, be prepared to pay anywhere between GBP 200 to GBP 200.000 and even higher if you would like to own your beloved number plate. This is a huge business, for several reasons, the key one of which is that there is no way in the UK to literally get a number plate done for you. You can look around and choose a number that has been issued previously but that’s the closest you can get.

If you are looking for something more specific, such as the so-called dateless number plates which were issued before 1963, then you will be entering in the world of high profile auctions and quite often millions of British pounds at stake. This is exactly why this is a business which is very closely watched and regulated by the DVLA, that’s the main authority dealing with driving and vehicle related issues, particularly taxes.

DVLA has around 8-9 auctions every year. Generally, they hold auctions all over the United Kingdom. They wait up until the point there are enough of the so-called cherished number plates, which include number plates which contain number/letter combinations which are particularly looked for or have a format that’s considered very rare, such as the 1 letter- 1 number combination which is among the highest priced pieces, generally auctioned well over a million pounds.

DVLA has two types of auctions: the timed and the traditional. With timed meaning the online auctions, it’s natural that it’s the traditional auctions which gain more attention from the registered members who will always be able to see the venue well in advance along with the list of number plates which are to be auctioned.

The auctions are always held in beautiful, old style venues, which include parlours, castles, exclusive restaurants, meeting venues etc. The members will get the chance to sign up to participate in the auction. Generally there can be a smaller entrance fee to pay, but it’s more important to actually sign up to participate in the event.

During traditional auctions the participation online or bidding over the phone is also accepted but the main deal with the auctions, is that they are exclusive, they provide a totally unique experience for the participants and as an extra there are venues where it’s not unusual to spot several celebrities and famous personalities too. If you would like a great, unique program for yourself and as an extra, you would also like to try the experience of bidding, we would definitely suggest you to take part in a registering number auction.

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