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How to obtain a personal plate for your car?

There are plenty of people who would like to stand out from the crowd this or that way and when it comes to car fans, then they are some of the most determined, especially when it comes to getting a special plate for their cars. Special plates may have an importance whn it comes to specific car models, oldsmobile and other vehicles such as motorcycles. Collectors of old cars are especially keen to get a number plate from back in time, in order for the age of car and the number plate to pass.

UK has had several laws and regulations and a couple of changes in these over the past decades regarding licence plates and their outlook. Today, the current licence plate has to signify the vehicle’s registration number. This way, the registration number and the licence plate basically mean the same thing. This is a distinction to keep in mind when it comes to buying a personal plate for your car.

The current licence plate format in the UK

The current format is displaying the registration number as follows:

Looking for your personalised number plate

Most people look for personal plates according to the following criteria:

When you look to buy a personalised number plate, you will get the chance to choose from the earlier format but it’s very important to note, that you can only choose one that’s already been issued. You cannot make up a personalized number in one of the old licence plate formats because it’s illegal. This way, when you are looking for buying a licence plate that contains a significant letter or number combination you are looking for, you will get the chance to choose from millions of combinations which were issued earlier. This is a very important distinction between the personalised number plate system in the UK and in other countries.

Where to buy a personalised number plate?

It’s important to note that dealing with personalised number plates is quite a big business in the UK. Some of the rarities’ price may cost more than the average price of a larger house. This is the reason that the selling of number plates is regulated by the DVLA the main office that’s been appointed to deal with all vehicle and driving related matters. The two key places to look for personalised number plates include the DVLA’s official site that’s been set up particularly to deal with number plates.

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