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Directory of Record Company website addresses

In most cases your dealer will be able to obtain the CDs featured in International Record Review and we would strongly urge a visit to your record store as your first port of call. However, it is our policy to review recordings irrespective of distribution arrangements. With the rapid growth of the World Wide Web, country barriers are rapidly disappearing. A visit to the website of a foreign record company or distributor will provide a quick and easy way, through its links, to local 'e-tailers' who offer an international mail order service for those discs which prove difficult to obtain.

2L (Norway)

4AD (UK) (an imprint of Beggars Group)

4Tay Records (USA) (an imprint of Jeffrey James Consulting)


AAM Recordings (USA)

AAM Records (Academy of Ancient Music) (UK)

AAM Records (The Academy of Ancient Music) (UK)

ABC Classics (Australia)

Abertay Dundee, University of (UK)

ABP Musique Classique (Marie Cantagrill) (France)

Academy (Germany)

Acanta (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Accent Records (Germany)

Accentus Music (Germany)

Accord (France) (an imprint of Universal Music (France))

Acis Productions (USA/UK)

Acousense Records (Germany)

Acoustic Music Records (Germany)


Acoustics Records (UK)

Acqua Records (Argentina)

ACT Music + Vision (Germany)

Acte Préalable (Poland)

Actes Sud, Musicales (France)

Adda, Disque (France)

Adelaide Baroque (Australia)

Adès, Disques (France)

ADF-Bayard Musique (France)

Adonis Records (USA)

Aeolus Music (Germany)

æon (France) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Ages Records (UK) (distributed by Scribendum/SilverOak Music)

agOgique (Fabio Biondi, Bruno Cocset et al) (France)

AGPL Records (Germany)

AHS (Spain)

AIG Recordings (Audio Ideas Guide) (Canada)

Air Note (Racha Arodaky) (France)

Al Sur (France)

Alba Records (Finland)

Albany Records (USA)

Albion Records (Ralph Vaughan Williams Society) (UK)

Aldeburgh Music (UK) (in association with Signum Classics)

Alia Vox (Jordi Savall et al) (Spain)

Alice Music

Aliud Records (Netherlands) (an imprint of Skarster Music)

Allegro Films. See Nupen, Christopher, Films

Almaviva (Spain)

Alpha (France) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Alpha-Omega Sound, The (the imprint of the Chopin Society of Hong Kong) (Hong Kong)

Alphée, Disques (France)

Altamira Records (UK)

Altara Music (UK)

Altarus Records (USA)

Altissimo! Recordings (USA)

Alto. See Musical Concepts

Amadeus Arte Records (Italy)

Amado. See Cascade


Ambroisie (formerly Nicholas Bartholomée) (France) (an imprint of Naïve)

Ambronay Éditions (Centre Culturel de Rencontre d’Ambronay) (France)

Amemptos Music (UK)

American Composers Orchestra (ACO) (USA)

Ameson (France)

Amiata Records (Italy)

Amon Ra. See Saydisc

Amphion Recordings (UK)

Analekta (Canada)

ANBand (Admiralty Navy Band of Russia) (Russia)

Ancalagon Records (Lara St John) (USA)

Andante. See Naïve

Andromeda (Germany) (an imprint of Gebhardt Medien)

Anemos (Spain)

Angelok1 (USA)

Anima e Corpo (Spain)

Animato (Germany) (an imprint of Bauer Studios)

Ankh Productions (USA)

Antes Edition (Germany) (an imprint of Bella Musica Edition)

Aparté (Nicholas Bartholomée) (France)

apr (Appian Publications & Recordings) (UK)

Aquarius (Russia)

Ar Ré-Sé (France)

Arabesque Records (USA)

Arbiter Records (USA)

Arcana (France) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Archer Records (USA)

Archipel (Germany) (an imprint of Gebhardt Medien)

archiphon (Germany)

Archiv Produktion (Germany)

Arco Diva (Czech Republic)

Ariadne. See Somm Recordings

Arion Classiques (France)

Armide Classic (France) (an imprint of Post Camera Lucida/Vox Lucida Édition)

Ars Harmonica (Spain)

Ars Musici (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Ars Nova Records (Ars Nova Copenhagen) (Denmark) (in association with Dacapo Records)

Ars Produktion (Germany)

Arsis Audio (USA)

Arta Records (Czech Republic)

ArtAct (Switzerland)

Arte Nova (Germany)

Arte Verum (Barbara Hendricks) (Belgium)

Artek Recordings (USA)

Artesmon (Czech Republic)

Arthaus Musik (Germany)

ArtistLed (David Finckel & Wu Han) (USA)

Artists Recording Company (ARC) (UK)

ArtistShare (USA)

Arts Florissants, Les, Éditions (France)

Arts in Fusion (Eleanor Turner et al) (UK)

Arts Music (Germany)

ASC Records (All Sounds Contemporary) (UK)

Ashmont Music (Patricia McCarty) (USA)

ASO Media (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra) (USA)

Astrée. See Naïve

ASV Digital (UK)

Athene/Athene Minerva. See Divine Art

Atlantic Productions (UK) (in association with Altitude Films)

ATMA Classique (Canada)

Atoll (New Zealand)

Attacca Records (Attacca Babel) (Netherlands)

Attuned Heart Recordings (UK) (Christine Rayner)

Audio Concept, The (UK)

Audio-B (UK)

Audiomax (an imprint of Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm)

Audiophile Classics

audite Musikproduktion (Germany)

Aulos Musik (Sweden)

Aura Music (Italy)

Aurel, Marc, Edition (Germany)

auris subtilis (Germany)

Aurora Norwegian Contemporary Music (Norway) (an imprint of Grappa Musikkforlag)

Auvidis. See Naïve

Avanti Classic (Belgium)

AVC Music (Switzerland)

Avie Records (UK)

Avi-music. See CAvi-music

Axiom Films (UK)

Ayros (Contrasto Armonico/Marco Vitale) (Netherlands)

Azica Records (USA)

Azur Classical (Belgium)

Azzurra Music (Italy)

Banks, Tony, Music (UK)

Barbirolli Society (UK)

Barn Cottage Records (UK)

Bartók Records and Publications (USA)

BBC Legends (UK) (an imprint of Medici Arts)

BBC Opus Arte. See Opus Arte

BeArTon Records (Poland)

Beauport Classical (USA)

Beckmann Visual Publishing (UK)

Bel Air Music (Monaco)

Bel Canto Society (USA)

BelAir Classiques (France)

Bella Musica (Germany) (an imprint of Bella Musica Edition)

Bella Voce (Netherlands)

Belleville Records (UK)

Bergström, Mats, Musik

Berlin Classics (Germany) (an imprint of Edel AG)

Berliner Philharmoniker (Germany)

Berthold Records (Germany)

Beulah, Éditions Audiovisuel (UK)

BGS Records (British Guitar Society) (UK)

Biddulph Recordings (UK)

Big Shed Music (UK)

Birmingham Bach Choir (UK)

BIS Records (Sweden)

Blaricum Audiophile (Netherlands)

Blissful Music (Lucinda Drayton) (UK)

Blue Griffin Recording (USA)

Bluebell Records (Sweden)

Blüthner Records (Germany)

BMC Records (Budapest Music Center) (Hungary)

BMG (BMG Label Services) (Germany)

BMOP/sound (Boston Modern Orchestra Project) (USA)

BNL (Bernard Veneu) (France)

Boa Cor (Spain)

Boheme Music (Russia/Czech Republic)

Bona Nova (Japan)

Bonell, Carlos. See David Young Productions

Bongiovanni (Italy)

Boreas Music (UK)

Boston Skyline Records (USA)

Bottega Discantica, La (Italy)

Boyd, James (UK)

BPO Live (Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra) (Hungary)

BR Klassik (Bayerischer Rundfunk, München) (Germany)

Brana Records (Felicja Blumental) (UK)

Brass Classics (UK) (an imprint of the Classics Labels)


Bredon Hill Media (Classical Destinations) (Australia/UK)

Brewhouse Music (UK)

Bridge Records (USA)

Brilliant Classics (Netherlands)

British Home Entertainment (UK)

British Music Society (BMS) (UK)

Britten Sinfonia (UK) (in association with Signum Classics)

Brussels Philharmonic Recordings (Vlaams Omroeporkest en Kamerkoor) (Belgium)

BSO Classics (Boston Symphony Orchestra) (USA)

burning petals records (Richard Anthony Jay) (UK)

BVHaast (Netherlands)

C Major Entertainment (Germany)

Cabaletta (Spain)

Cadenza (Germany) (an imprint of the Bayer Music Group)

Cadenza Music (UK)

Caedmon Audio (formerly Caedmon Records; an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers) (UK)

CAG Records (Concert Artists Guild) (USA)


Cala Records (UK)

Calico Classics (Jill Crossland). See Divine Art

Callas Edition, The (Netherlands) (an imprint of Blaricum Audiophile)

Calliope (France) (in association with Indésens Records)

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal/UK)

Cambria Music (USA)

Camerata Tokyo (Japan) (distributed by Zappel Music)

Camino Records (UK)

Campanella Musica (Germany) (an imprint of Solo Musica)

Campion Records (UK)

Canary Classics (Gil Shaham et al) (USA)

cantaloupe music (USA)

Cantate Musicaphon Records (Germany) (an imprint of Klassik Center Kassel)

Cantilena Records (USA)

Cantores Missae (UK)

Cantoris Records (UK)


Cantus Recordings (Cantus Vocal Ensemble) (USA)

Canzone (Denmark) (an imprint of SteepleChase Productions)

Capella de Ministrers (Spain)

Cappella Romana (USA)

Capriccio (Austria/Germany) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Caprice Records (Sweden)

Capriol Films (UK)

Capstone Records (USA) (an imprint of PARMA Recordings)

Carleton Sound (Carleton University, Ottawa) (Canada)

Carnegie Concerts (UK)

Caro Mitis (Russia)

Carpe Diem Records (Germany) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Carus-Verlag (Germany)

Casadesus. See Opus Millésime

Cascade (Germany)

Cascavelle (Switzerland)

Cavalli Records (Germany)

CAvi-music (Germany) (an imprint of Avi-Music)

CBC Records (Canada)

CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) (UK)

CCn’C (Classical, Crossculture and Contemporary Music) (Germany) (an imprint of Da Music)

CD Accord Music Edition (Poland) (Antony Pitts) (UK)

CDK Music (Evgeni Kostitsyn et al) (USA)

CDklassisk (Denmark)

Cedille Records (The Chicago Classical Recording Foundation) (USA)

Celestial Harmonies (USA)

Cello Classics (UK) (an imprint of the Classics Labels)

Celtic Seas (James Crisp). See Griffin & Co.

Centaur Records (USA)

Centrum Projektów Artystycznych (in association with OKO-Art) (Poland)

Challenge Classics (Netherlands)

Chamber Sound (Sweden)

Champs Hill Records (UK)

Chandos Records (UK)

Channel Classics Records (Netherlands)

Chant du Monde, Le. See Harmonia Mundi

Charlin Disques, Collection (France)

Chatterton, Linda (USA)

Chavdar Music (Chavdar Parashkevov) (USA)

Chesky Records (USA)

Chestnut Hall Music (Canada)

Chestnut Music (David Briggs) (UK)

Choir of King’s College, The, Cambridge (UK) (distributed by LSO Live)

Chopin, Fryderyk, Institute (Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina) (Poland)

Christophorus (Germany)

Chruscicka, Kate (Poland/UK)

Circular Records (UK)

City Music Cleveland (USA)

Clarinet Classics (UK) (an imprint of the Classics Labels)

Clarion Records (an imprint of Loft Recordings)

Clarton (Czech Republic) (an imprint of Music Vars)

Classic Archive. See EuroArts

Classic Concert Records (Austria)

Clàssic d’Or (DVD) (Spain)

Classic fm (UK)

Classical Gold

Classical Music Studio (Russia)

Classical Recording Company (UK)

Classical Records (Russia)

ClassicO (Denmark) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Classound (Russia)

Claudio Records (originally Attwell Audio) (UK)

Claves Records (Switzerland)

Cloud Nine Records. See Silva Screen Records

CMC/Centrediscs (Canadian Music Centre) (Canada)

CMG Productions (London Concertante/ZUM) (UK)


CMS Studio Recordings (Chamber Music Society of the Lincoln Center) (USA)

Cobra Records (Netherlands)

col legno (Austria)

Cold Blue Music (USA)

Collegium Records (The Cambridge Singers/John Rutter) (UK)

Collins Classics (UK)

Colophon Records (Belgium)

Colosseum Classics (Germany)

Columna Música (Spain)

Companhia Nacional de Música (CNM) (Portugal)

Composers’ Voice (Netherlands)

Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

Con Brio Recordings (USA)

Concert Artists Recordings

Concerto Classics (Italy) (an imprint of Musicmedia)

Concezio Productions (Steven Masi) (USA)

Connoisseur Society (USA)

Continuum (New Zealand)

Convivium Records (UK)

Coro Recordings (The Sixteen Productions) (UK)

Cougar Classics (USA)

Court Lane Music (UK)

Coviello Classics (Germany)

Cowbell Music (Denmark)

cpo (classic production osnabrück) (Germany) (an imprint of JPC)

Cramer (UK)


Cristal (France)

Crystal Records (USA)

Cryston. See Octavia Records

CSO Media. See Fanfare Cincinnati

CSO Resound (Chicago Symphony Orchestra Live) (USA)

cube-bohemia (Czech Republic)

Culture/Demain Recordings (Edward Auer) (USA)

Cybele Records (Germany)

Cypres (Belgium)

Cypress String Quartet (USA)

D Classics (UK) (distributed by Scribendum/SilverOak Music)

d’Or, Yaniv/NAYA (Yaniv d’Or and Ensemble NAYA) (Austria)

D+3 (Spain)

Dabringhaus und Grimm, Musikproduktion (MDG) (Germany)

DaCapo Austria (K & K Philharmoniker et al) (Austria)

Dacapo Records (Denmark)

DAD Records (Italy)

Dagamba (Susanne Heinrich) (UK)

Dahiz Produccions (Spain)

Dal Segno (UK)

Danacord Records (Denmark)

Daphne Records (Sweden)

Davis, Carl, Collection (UK)

dB Productions (Sweden)

Decca (France) (an imprint of Universal Music (France))

Decca Classics (UK)

Déjà-vu, Recording Arts

Del Águila Records (Canada)

Délices, Les (USA)


Delos Music (USA)

Delphian Records (UK)

Denner Ensemble, The (UK)

Destino Classics (UK) (distributed by Nimbus Alliance)

Deutsche Grammophon (France) (an imprint of Universal Music (France))

Deutsche Grammophon (Germany)

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (Germany)

Deux-Elles Classical Recordings (UK)

Diatribe Recordings (Ireland)

Dies (Spain)

Digital Classics DVD (UK) (an imprint of Classical TV Ltd)

Dilute Recordings (UK)

Dinemec Classics (Switzerland)

Dinmore Records (UK)

Direct-to-Tape Recording Company (DTR) (USA)

Discant Recordings (Spain)

Discovery Music & Vision (DMV) (UK)

Discrete Recordings (UK)

Disky/Royal Classics (UK) (distributed by Scribendum/SilverOak Music)

Disques Dom-Forlane (France)

Disques Office Classique (Switzerland)

Disquiet Media (Michel van der Aa) (Netherlands) (distributed by Challenge Classics)

Diversions. See Divine Art

Divina Records (Argentina)

Divine Art (UK)

Divox (Switzerland)

Docker Records (UK)

Documents (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Dodicilune (Italy)

Dolce Volta, La (France)

Dominique Records (Carl-Axel Dominique) (Sweden)

Domovideo (Italy) (an imprint of Multigram Srl)

Donemus (Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music) (Netherlands)

Donna Musicale, La (USA)

Doremi (USA)

Dorian Recordings. See Sono Luminus

Doron (Switzerland)

Draft Records (UK)

Dreyer Gaido (Germany)

DRG Records (USA)

DRS (Danish Radio) (Denmark) (distributed by Dacapo Records)

Dryden Ensemble (USA)

DSO Live (Dallas Symphony Orchestra) (USA)

Ducale Music (Italy)

Dunelm Records. See Divine Art

Dutch Divas (Netherlands)

Dutch Record Company (Netherlands)

Dutton Vocalion (UK)

Dux (Poland)

Dyad. See Hyperion Records

Dynamic (Italy)

E1 Entertainment. See Entertainment One

EA Records (Europe & Art) (France), Les Productions (Canada)

eARmusic (UK)

Eastman Concerts (Eastman School of Music) (USA)

Eclectra Recording (USA)

ECM Records (Germany)

ECT Records (UK)

EDA-Records (Germany)

Edel Classics (Germany) (an imprint of Edel AG)

Ediciones Singulares (Carlos Céster) (Spain) (distributed by Outhere Music)

Edinburgh Music Company (UK)

Edition Clarino (Günther Fetz) (Austria)

Edition Collage (Germany) (an imprint of GLM Music)

Edition Kloster Maulbronn (Germany)

Egan Records (UK)

Egea Music (Italy)

EigenArt (Germany) (in association with Tacet)

Ekidia (digital only) (Italy) (an imprint of Kicco Music)

Élan Recordings (USA)

Electrecord (Romania)

Electric Picture Company (UK)

Elegia Records (Italy)

Elgar Editions (UK) (the publishing imprint of Elgar Enterprises)

Ella Productions (France)

Eloquence (Australia) (an imprint of Universal Music Australia)

Eloquentia (France)

EM Records (English Music Festival) (UK)

EMA Records (Euterpe Musica) (Sweden)

EMA Records (Italy)

EMEC (Editorial Española Música Contemporánea) (Spain)

Emergo Classics (Netherlands)

EMI Classical. See Warner Classics

empreinte digitale, l’ (France)

EMSE (Hellenic Union of Composers & Songwriters) (Greece)

Encelade, L’ (France)

Enchiriadis (Spain)

English Heritage See River Productions

English Philharmonia (UK)

Ensayo, Discos (Spain)

Entertainment One Films (previously Koch Vision/Koch Lorber) (UK/Benelux/Canada/US)

Entertainment One Group (previously E1 Entertainment) (UK/Benelux/Canada/USA)

Entertainment One Music (e-one) (previously Koch Music) (Canada/US)

EPR-Classic (Evil Penguin) (Belgium)

Erased Tapes Records (UK)

Ermitage (Italy)

Eroica Classical Recordings (USA)

Erol Records (France)

ERP (Estonian Record Productions) (Estonia)


Estlie Records (UK)

Et’cetera (Netherlands)

Eufoda (Belgium)

Euridice (Norway)

EuroArts (Germany) (an imprint of Medici Arts)

Euromusica (Czech Republic)

exit (UK)

Explora Concept (France)

Explore Records (UK)

Exton. See Octavia Records

EZ Music (UK)

Fab Four (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Fabra (Norway)

Fabula Classica. See Ermitage

Fagott Orgelvorlag (Germany)

Family of Music, The (Germany)

Fanfare Cincinnati (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; formerly CSO Media) (USA) (distributed by Naxos)

Farao Classics (Germany)

FaraRecords (Farandola Associazione Culturale, Pordenone) (Italy)

FatCat Records (UK)

FC-Records (Finland)

Felmay (Italy)

Feminae Records (Aleksandra Maslovaric et al) (USA)

Festivo (Netherlands)

FGL Music (France)

Fidelio Records (Canada)

Fine Music (Germany) (an imprint of GLM Music)

Fineline Classics. See Challenge Classics


First Edition Records (Louisville Orchesrta) (USA)

First Hand Records (UK)

First Name Soundtracks (Laurence Aston et al) (UK)

Fitkin, Graham (UK)

Flare Records (UK)

Fleur de Son Classics (USA)

Flora, Label (François Fernandez, Philippe Pierlot & Rainer Zipperling) (Belgium)

Foghorn Classics (Alexander String Quartet) (USA)

FOK (Symfonický Orchestr hl. m. Prahy FOK/Prague Symphony Orchestra) (Czech Republic)

Fondamenta (France)

fonè (Italy)

Fono Enterprise (Italy)

Footprint Records (Sweden)

Forlane. See Disques Dom

Formations Musicales de RF. See Radio France

Forum. See Regis Records

Four Hands Music (Isabel Beyer & Harvey Dagul) (UK)

Fox Music (USA)

Fra Bernardo (Austria)

FRA Musica (François Roussillon & Associés) (France)

Fred Music (UK)

Freestyle Classics (UK)

Frémeaux et Associés (France)

Fresh! (USA) (an imprint of Reference Recordings)

Fuga (Finland)

Fuga Libera (Belgium) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Fugatto (France)

Fugue State Films (UK)

Fugue State Records (UK)

Fy. See Solstice, Disques du

Gala Records (Russia/Netherlands) (an imprint of Warner Music Russia)

Gale Recordings (USA)

Galileo (Germany)

Gateway Music (Denmark)

Gaudior, Ensemble (USA)

GB Records (Gavin Bryars) (UK)

Gega Music Company (Bulgaria)

Genesis Records (USA) (distributed by Crystal Records)

Genuin Classics (Germany)

GHA Records (Belgium)

Ghostlight Records (USA)

Gift of Music, The (UK)

Gimell Records (The Tallis Scholars) (UK)

GKM Records (Gregg Kallor) (USA)

GLM Music (Germany)

Globe Editions (Shakespeare’s Globe) (UK) (in association with Opus Arte)

Globe Records (Netherlands)

GLOR Classics (Germany)

Glossa Music (Spain)

Glyndebourne Label, The (UK)

GM Recordings (USA)

Golden Melodram (Slovenia)

GOP (Great Opera Performances) (Italy)

Gothic Records (USA) (an imprint of Loft Recordings]

GPR Records (USA)

Grammafono 2000 (Italy)

Gramola, Winter & Co. (Austria)

Gramzapis Company (Russia)

Grand Piano Records (Hong Kong) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Grappa Musikkforlag (Norway)

Great Hall (Russia/Czech Republic)

Griffin & Co. (UK)

Grotto Productions (USA)

Guild Music (Switzerland)

Guitar Plus Records

Hallé, The (UK)

Hänssler Classic (Germany)

Hardy Classic (Italy)

Harle Records (John Harle et al). See Sospiro Records

Harmonia Mundi (France/Spain/USA)

Harmonious Blacksmith (USA)

Harp & Company (Belgium)

hat[now]ART (Switzerland) (an imprint of Hat Hut Records)

Haydn House (USA)

Hearts of Space Records (i.a.w Valley Entertainment)

Helicon Classics (Israel) (an imprint of Helicon Music in association with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra)

Helicon Records (USA)

Helios. See Hyperion Records

Hemera Music (Norway) (the imprint of Norsk Komponistforening)

Hendrickson Publishers (USA)

Hera, Edition (Germany)

Herald Audio Visual (UK)

Heresy Records (UK)

Heritage Records (UK) (Peter Dickinson, Clare College, Cambridge et al)

Hevhetia (Slovakia)

High Definition Tape Transfers (USA)

Historic Masters (UK)

Honens Laureate Series (Canada) (the imprint of the Honens International Piano Competition)

Hortus, Éditions (France)

House of Classics (Netherlands)

Howe Records (Howard Shore) (UK)

Hubro (Norway) (an imprint of Grappa Musikkforlag)

Hungaroton Classic (Hungary)

Hyperion Records (UK)

Hyphen Press Music (UK)

IBA (Idil Biret Archive) (Turkey) (distributed by Naxos)

IC Music (Ian Clarke) (UK)

ICA Classics (International Classical Artists) (UK)

Icon Home Entertainment (UK)

Idéale Audience International (France)

IFO Classics (a label of the IFO) (Germany)

Ikon (UK)

IM Lab (Russia)

Image Recordings (USA)

Immortal DVD (Netherlands)

Immortal Performances Recorded Music Society (IPRMS) (Canada)

Impressus Records (USA)

IMV (Spain)

In a Circle Records (USA)

INA Mémoire vive (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel) (France)

In-Canto Records (Italian)

Indésens Records (France)

Indigo Music (Gerald Krampl) (Austria)

Infectious Music (UK)

Innova Recordings (American Composers Forum) (USA)

Integra Records UK (Christian Forshaw) (UK)

Intégral Classic (France)

Intense Music, The (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Intergroove Classics (Germany)

Intim Musik (Sweden)

Intrada (France)

Intuition Music (Germany) (an imprint of Schott Music & Media)

Iris (Netherlands)

Iron Needle (Italy)

Irritable Hedgehog (UK)

Ischia (Ireland)

Ismeron (UK)

Istituto Discografico Italiano (Italy) (distributed by Dynamic)

IT (In Illo Tempore/Gregoriana Vocal Ensemble) (Slovakia)

Ivory Classics (USA)

Jade (France) (an imprint of Milan Records)

Jazz Cat (Ben Crosland) (UK)

JBRecords (Jan Jakub Bokun) (Poland)

JCL Records (Jonathan Cooke Ltd) (UK)

Jecklin (Switzerland)

Jimmy Classic (Russia)

Joglaresa Live (Belinda Sykes/Joglaresa) (UK)

JRB Records (USA)

JRI Recordings (USA)

Just Accord Music (UK)

K617 (Centre International des Chemins du Baroque) (France)

Kairos (Germany)


Kapella -

Kazakov, Hristo (Bulgaria/Switzerland)

Keda Records (UK)

Kicco Music (Italy)

King Records (Japan) (an imprint of Kodansha Publishing)

Kingdom Records (UK)

Kissan Productions (UK)

Klanglogo (Germany) (an imprint of Rondeau Production and trust your ears)

Klara (Belgium)

Klassik Cat (Mac McClure) (Spain)

Klavier Records (Klavier Music Productions) (USA)

Kleos Classics. See Helicon Records

KMI (France)

KML Recordings (Katia & Marielle Labèque) (Italy)

Koch Lorber. See Entertainment One Films

Koch Records. See Entertainment One Music

Koch Vision See Entertainment One Films

Koine’ Records (Italy) (an imprint of Dodicilune)

Kontrapunkt (Denmark) (an imprint of SteepleChase Productions)

K-Tel Entertainment (UK)


Kultur Films (USA)

Kyra Music

L’Oiseau-Lyre, Éditions de. See Decca Classics

La Mà de Guido (Spain)

Label-Hérisson (France)

Labor Records (USA)

Laborie (Centre Culturel de Rencontre de La Borie en Limousin) (France)

Lammas Records (UK)

Landor Records (UK)

Lapis Islands Records (Peter Scott Lewis) (USA)

Larghetto Music (Netherlands)

Largo Music (Richard Ingham) (UK)

Latin American Music Centre (Indiana University Jacobs School of Music) (USA)

Lauda Música (La Grande Chapelle) (Spain)

Laurel Records (USA)

Lawo Classics (Norway)

LCO Live (London Chamber Orchestra) (UK) (in association with Signum Classics)

LCS Hi-Res Recordings (Netherlands)

LdN (Ludovic de Nayer) (France)

Lee, Stephen (UK)

Legato Classics

Léman Classics (Switzerland)

Leonarda Productions (USA)

Leonardo Digital Collection (Italy) (an imprint of Urania Historical Records)

Lester, CN (UK)

Licanus (Spain)

Ligia Digital (France)

Limit (Spain)

Lindoro (Spain)

Linn Records (UK)

Linus Entertainment (Canada)

LIR Classics (formerly London Independent Records) (UK) (an imprint of the Classics Labels)

Lira d’Arco (France)

Litmus (UK)

Live Classics (Germany)

Liverpool Philharmonic (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) (UK)

Living Stage (Germany)

Lodia (Switzerland)

Loft Recordings (Roger Sherman) (USA)

London Philharmonic Orchestra (UK)

London Sinfonietta (UK) (distributed by NMC Recordings)

Loose Cans Music (Susan Kander) (USA)

Lorelt (Lontano Records) (UK)

Louhi Productions (Finland)

Louth Contemporary Music Society (Ireland)

LP Classics Inc. (Natalia Lavrova & Vassily Primakov) (USA)

LR Music (Spain)

LSO Live (London Symphony Orchestra) (UK)

Ludi Musici (Switzerland) (an imprint of Fleur d’Epée Produktions)

Lyrinx (France)

Lyrita Recorded Edition (UK)

MAA (Musica Antigua Aranjuez) (Spain)

Maestro Sound & Vision (MSV) (UK)

Magdalen Recordings (UK) (an imprint of Metronome Recordings)

Magnatune Online (USA)

Maguelone (France)

Mahler, Gustav, Stichting Nederland (Netherlands)

Major Classics (UK) (an imprint of Not Now Music)

Malandro (Brazil)

Malibran Music (France)

Manchester Classical Gallery (Russia)


Manor House Music (USA)

Manu. See Ode Records

Marchand, Antoine (Ton Koopman). See Challenge Classics

Marco Polo (Hong Kong) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Mariinsky Label (Russia) (distributed by LSO Live)

Marlboro Recording Society (Marlboro Music Festival) (USA)

Marquis Classics (Canada)

Marston Records (USA)

Marsyas (France)

Master Chord Records (UK)


MAWA Film & Medien (Germany)

Maximum Records (Max Kenworthy et al) (New Zealand)

Maya Recordings (Maya Homburger & Barry Guy) (Switzerland)

Mayhew, Kevin (UK)

McCabe, Brent Poe (USA)

M-Classic (Russia)

mdr klassik (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Leipzig) (Germany)

MDV Classics (UK) (distributed by Scribendum/SilverOak Music)

Medici Arts (UK/Netherlands/Germany/France/USA)

Medici Classics Productions (formerly Monarch Classics; Jerome Rose) (USA)

Medici Masters. See EuroArts

Megadisc Classics (Belgium)

Melba Recordings (Australia)

Mélisande Films (France)

Mellos Records (Alda Dizdari) (Albania)

Melodist CDs (UK)

Melodiya (Russia)

Melomics Records (Spain)

MEM Productions (Turkey)

Membran (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Memory Lane Records (UK)

Mentor Music Inc. (USA) (distributed by Crystal Records)

Mercury Classics (Germany)

Meridian Records (UK)

Métier (UK) (an imprint of Divine Art Recordings Group)

metro (UK) (an imprint of Union Square Music)

Metronome Recordings (UK)

Meyer Media (USA)

Mindfeel (Sweden)

Mirare, Disques (France)

Mirasound (Netherlands)

Mister Sam Records (Respectable Groove) (UK)

Mitchell, Stuart, Music (UK)

MLM (Marina Laslo Music) (UK)

MMC Recordings (Music & Media Consulting) (UK)

MN Records (Michael Nyman) (UK)

mode records (USA)

Mollterz Recordings (Switzerland)

Monarch Classics. See Medici Classics

Mondo Musica (Germany)


Montaigne. See Naïve

Moraleda, Albert, Edicions (Spain)

Moscow Conservatory (Russia)

Motette (Germany)

Motile (UK)

Move Records (Australia) (distributed by Divine Art)

MovieScore Media (Sweden)

Mozart Effect, The (USA)

mpLIVE (Music Preserved) (UK)

MPS Music and Video (UK)

Mr McFall’s Chamber (UK)

MSM (Michael Storrs Music) (UK)

MSR Classics (USA)

MTG Music (Norway)

MU Records (Portugal)

Multisonic (Czech Republic)

Murvihill, Tisha (Canada)

Museum Music (USA)

Mushkatweek Records (USA)

Music & Arts (USA)

Music Centre Slovakia (Hudobné Centrum) (Slovakia)

Music Fund Slovakia (Hudobný fond) (Slovakia)

Music Products (Ace DVD)

Music Vars (Czech Republic)

Music@Menlo Live (USA)

Musica Ficta (Belgium)

Musica Leopolis (Canada)

Musica Omnia (USA)

Musica Rediviva (Sweden)

Musica Sancta Jerusalem (Israel) (in association with Helicon Classics)

Musica Sveciae. See Phono Suecia

Musical Concepts (USA)

Musicaphon. See Cantate Musicaphon Records

Musicus Recordings (David Rubinstein) (Canada)

Musiépoca (Spain)

Musique Baroque de Versailles, Centre de (France)

Musique en Wallonie (Belgium)

Musique et Mémoire Productions (France)

Musiques à la Chabotterie (France)

Musiques Suisses (Switzerland)

muso (Olivier Vannieu) (France)

Must Close Saturday

MWM Records (UK)

Myrios Classics (Germany)

Mystica (UK)

Myto Records (Italy) (an imprint of Gebhardt Medien)

Mytoeses Music (Nathan Davis) (USA)

Naim Label (UK)

Naïve (France)

Nascor. See Ysaÿe Records

Natives Éditions (France)

Natural Acoustic Recordings

Natural Studio Records (NSR) (UK) defunct

Navona Records (USA) (an imprint of PARMA Recordings)

Naxos (Hong Kong) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

NB Musika (Spain)

NBE Live (Nederlands Blazers Ensemble) (Netherlands)

NEOS Music (Germany)

Netmark (Nettle & Markham) (UK)

neu records (Spain)

Neuklang (Germany) (an imprint of Bauer Studios)

New Albion Records (USA)

New Classical Adventure (Germany) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

New Classics Productions (Richard Hastings Englefield) (USA)

New Focus Recordings (USA)

New World Records (USA)

Newport Classic (USA)

Newton Classics (Netherlands)

Nibiru (Czech Republic)

Nightingale Classics (Austria)

Nimbus Alliance (UK)

Nimbus Records (UK)

NM Classics (Netherlands)

NMA (Norway)

NMC Recordings (UK)

Nonclassical Records (UK)

Nonesuch (UK/USA) (an imprint of Warner Brothers Records)

Non-Profit Music (Fundación Non Profit Music) (Spain)

Northern Flowers (St Petersburg Musical Alliance) (Russia)

NorthWest Classics (Netherlands)

Nosag Records (Sweden)

Nota Bene Productions (UK)

Notes Publishing (UK)

Novalis (Switzerland) (an imprint of AVC Music)

Novum Records (Choir of New College, Oxford/Edward Higginbottom) (UK)

NSS Music (Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg) (USA)

Nubenegra (Spain)

Nuova Era Internazionale (Italy) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Nupen, Christopher, Films (UK)

Nytorp Musik (Sweden)

OA2 Records (USA) (an imprint of Origin Arts)

OAE Released (Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment) (UK) (in association with Signum Classics)

Oboe Classics (UK)

OBS - Prometeo (Orquesta Barocca de Sevilla) (Spain)

Obsidian Records (UK) (an imprint of Classical Communication Ltd.)

Octavia Records (Japan) (distributed by Challenge Records)

Ode Records (New Zealand)

Odradek Records (USA)

Oehms Classics (Germany)

Oglio Records (USA)

Old Dominion University (Trombone & Euphonium Dept.) (USA)

Olive Music (Jill Feldman & Kees Boeke) (Italy)

Olufsen Records (Denmark)

Omnibus Classics (UK) (an imprint of the Classics Labels)

Ondine (Finland) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

One Little Indian Records (UK)

Ongaku Records (USA)

Only Hands Small (UK)

ONPL (Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire) (France)

Onyx Classics (UK)

Opal (UK) (an imprint of Pavilion Records)

Opella Nova Records (L’Avventura London) (UK)

Open Music (Spain)

Opening Day Records (Canada) (an imprint of Opening Day Entertainment Group)

Opera Australia (Australia)

Opera d’Oro (USA) (an imprint of Allegro Classical)

Opera Omnia. See Divine Art

Opera Rara (UK)

Opera Spanga (Netherlands)

OPMC Classics (Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo) (Monaco)

Opus Arte (UK)

Opus III. See Naïve

Opus Kura (Japan)

Opus Millésime (Famille Casadesus) (France)

Orange Mountain Music (Philip Glass) (USA)

Orchestral Concert CDs (UK)

Orchid Classics (Matthew Trusler et al) (UK)

Orfeo International (Germany)

Orfeus Music (Poland)

Organum Classics (Germany)

Orgel (a label of the IFO) (Germany)

Origin Classical (USA) (an imprint of Origin Arts)

Orion Master Recordings. See Marquis Classics

Orlando Records (Austria) (an imprint of Paladino Media)


Other Minds Records (USA)

Ottavo (Netherlands)

OUR Recordings (Michala Petri & Lars Hannibal) (Denmark)

Outnote Records (Belgium) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Oxford Philomusica (UK)

Oxingale Records (Canada)

OxRecs Digital (UK)

Paladino Music (Austria) (an imprint of Paladino Media)

Palexa (Canada)

Palmer, Tony, Films (UK)

Pan Classics (Switzerland)

Pan Dream (DVD) (Netherlands)


Paraclete Press (USA)

Paradizo (Skip Sempé et al) (Belgium)

Paraty (France)

Parker, Robert (USA)

Parnassus Records (USA)

Passacaille (Belgium)

Patria Productions (Marta Eggerth & Marjan Kiepura) (USA)

Pavane Records (Belgium)

Pavlík Records (Slovakia)

Pearl (UK) (an imprint of Pavilion Records)

Penchant (UK)

Penguin Cafe (UK)

PentaTone Classics (Netherlands)

Percussion Power (USA)

Peregrina Music (Germany)

Pergola Recordings (Paula Robison) (USA)

Phædra (Belgium)

Phaia Music

phi (φ; Philippe Herreweghe) (France/Belgium) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Phil.harmonie (Germany) (in association with jazzwerkstatt Berlin-Brandenburg)

Philharmonia Baroque Productions (USA)

Philips Classics. See Decca Classics

Philips France (France) (an imprint of Universal Music)

Phoenix (USA)

Phoenix Edition (Austria)

Phono Suecia (Sweden)

Piano 21 (Cyprien Katsaris) (France)

Piano Classics (UK)

Piano Library

Piazzolla Collection

Pierian Recording Society (USA)

Pierre Verany (France) (an imprint of Arion Classique)

Pilgrim’s Star. See Divine Art

Pine Hill

Pitch Records (American Festival of Microtonal Music) (USA)

PlaneSong (Michael & Nila Farrow) (USA) (distributed by Crystal Records)

Plectra Music (USA)

Plenum Vox (France)

PMV (Patrimonio Musical Valenciano) (Spain)

Pneuma (Spain)

Polskie Nagrania ‘Muza’ (Poland)

Polyhymnia Records (Finland)

Polymnie (France)

Ponderosa Music & Art (Italy)

Ponto (Netherlands)

Pook Music (Jocelyn Pook) (UK)

Portland Baroque Orchestra (USA)

Portrait Classics. See Regis Records

Praga Digitals (Czech Republic/France)

Preiser Records (Austria)

Preisner Productions (Poland)

Prélude (Switzerland)

Prelude Records (UK)

Prima Facie. See ASC Records


Priory Records (UK)

Pristine Classical (France)

Pro Musica. See Simax Classics

Pro Organo (USA)

Profil Edition Günter Hänssler (Germany)

Prometheus Editions (UK)

Prophone Records (Sweden) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Proprius Music (Sweden) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Prova Records (Belgium) (an imprint of Bisceglia Music)

PS Classics (USA)

Psalmus (France)

Psappha (UK)

Q Disc (Netherlands)

Quantum (France)

Quartz Music (UK)

Querstand (Germany) (an imprint of Verlagsgruppe Kamprad)

Quilisma (UK)

Quill Classics. See VAI

Quindecim Recordings (Mexico)

Quintone Records (Netherlands) (an imprint of HD Music Productions)

Radio France, Éditions (France)

Radio Years

Ramée (Germany) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Raphael Music (Sir Ralph Kohn) (UK)

Rattle (New Zealand)

Raumklang (Germany) (an imprint of Asina Music)

Ravello Records (USA) (an imprint of PARMA Recordings)

Raven Recordings (USA)

RCA (Germany)


RCO Live (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam) (Netherlands)

RCOC Records (Real Compañía Ópera de Cámara de Barcelona/Reial Companyia Òpera de Cambra de Barcelona) (Spain)

re:pi:n media (Estonia)

Real Sound (Italy)

Real World Records (UK)

Red Kite Records (UK)

Red Priest Recordings (UK)

Red Sock Records (UK)

Redcliffe Recordings (UK) (an imprint of Redcliffe Edition)

Redhage, Jody (USA)

ReDiscovery (USA)

Reference Recordings (USA)

Regent Records (UK)

Regis Records (UK)

Relief (Russia)

Resonance Records (USA)

Resonator (UK)

Resonus Classics (digital only) (UK)

Retrospective Records (UK)

Retrospective Revival (UK)

Reversio (Lithuania)

Rewind (France) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

reZound (USA) (an imprint of Loft Recordings)

RFZ Classics (Christine Stevenson) (UK)

Ricercar (Belgium) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Riga Recording Studio (Latvia)

Ringwood Productions (David Brain) (UK)

River Productions (UK)

Riverrun Records (UK)

Riverscape Music LLC (USA)

RLPO Live (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) (UK)

RMA Records (Romanian Musical Adventure) (UK/Romania) (distributed by Nimbus Alliance)

Rockport Records (Germany)

Roméo Records (USA)

Rondeau Production (Germany)

Rose Ensemble, The (USA)

Rose Recordings (UK)

Rose Street Records (UK)

Rotterdams Philharmonisch (Rotterdam Philharmonic) (Netherlands)

Royal Academy of Music (UK)

Royal Classics. See Disky

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (UK) (distributed by Nimbus Alliance)

Royal Flemish Philharmonic DeFilharmonie (Belgium)

Royal Opera House Heritage Series. See Opus Arte

RP Music (Peter Catin). See Divine Art

RPO Records (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) (UK) (distributed by Orchid Classics)

RTÉ lyric fm (Ireland)

RTVE (Spain)

Rubato Records (Sharona Joshua) (UK)

Ruchman, Sharon (USA)

Russian Compact Disc (Russia)

Russian Lyre (Russia)

Sacconi Records (Sacconi Quartet) (UK)

Sadler’s Wells on screen (UK)

Sain Records (UK)

Salamandre, Music Production (France)

Salvo Music (UK) (an imprint of Union Square Music)

San Francisco Symphony (USA) (distributed by Avie Records)

SanCtuS Recordings (USA)

Sankorfa (Sankorfa Percussion Quartet) (UK)

Saphir Productions (France)

Saphrane (Netherlands) (an imprint of Music & Words b.v.)

Sarabande Records (Morgan & Dylan Szymanski) (UK)

Sargasso (UK)

Satirino (France)

Sato Music Editions (USA)

Saxophone Classics (UK) (an imprint of the Classics Labels)

Saydisc Records (UK)

Scott Brothers Duo (UK)

Scottish Ensemble Live (UK) (in association with Signum Classics)

Scribendum (UK) (distributed by Scribendum/SilverOak Music)

Sebastian Records (Sara Sant’Ambrogio) (USA)

Seeds Records (Switzerland)

Semaphore Multimedia (UK)

Seventh Art Productions (Phil Grabsky Films) (UK)

SFZ Music (His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts et al) (UK)

Shakespeare’s Globe. See Globe Editions/Opus Arte

Shellwood Productions (UK)

Sheva Collection (Italy)

Signature. See Radio France

Signum (Germany)

Signum Classics (UK)

Silva Screen Records (UK)

Simax Classics (Norway) (an imprint of Grappa Musikkforlag)

Single Noon Records (Gregg Kallor) (USA)

Sinus (Switzerland)

Sisyphe (France)

Sittel Record (Sweden) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

SJCR (St John’s College Records) (UK)

Skarbo, Disques (France)

Sleeveless Records (UK)

Smalls Live

Smekkleysa (Iceland)

Smudged Discs (Clara Sanabras & Harvey Brough) (USA)

Solesmes (France)

Soli Deo Gloria (Monteverdi Productions) (UK)

Solo (UK)

Solo Musica (Germany)

Solo Voce (Germany) (an imprint of Avi-Music)

Solstice, Disques du (France)

Somm Recordings (UK)

Sonimage Classics (UK)

Sono Luminus (USA) (previously known as Dorian Recordings)

Sony Classical (Germany)

Sospiro Records (John Harle et al) (UK)

Sound Techniques (DVD) (UK)

Soundalive (UK)

SoundArt Recordings (USA)

Soundboard Records (UK)

Soundbrush Records (USA)

Soundset Recordings (USA)

Spaceward Records (UK)

Speaker’s Corner (Germany)

Spektral (Germany)

Spinto Music Media (Claire Rutter & Stephen Gadd) (UK)

Squeaky Kate Music (Colin Riley) (UK)

SRC - Specialist Recording Company (UK)


St Luke’s Collection (Orchestra of St Luke’s) (USA)

St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Dublin, Palestrina Choir of (Ireland). See LCS Hi-Res

Steinway & Sons (USA) (in association with Arkiv Music)

Sterling (Sweden)

Sterndale Records (UK)

Stilnovo (Nella Anfuso) (Italy)

Stone Records (Mark Stone) (UK)

Stradivarius, La Casa Discografica (Italy)

Strauss, Johann, Society of Great Britain (UK)

Sub Rosa (Belgium)

Summit Records (USA)

Sundog Music (Arthur Jeffes) (UK) (in association with Penguin Café)

Supraphon Records (English language site) (Czech Republic)

Svetlanov Archive

Swedish Society Discofil (Sweden) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Symphonia Records (Italy)

Symposium Records (UK)

Syrius (Bernard Neveu) (France)

T2 Entertainment (Netherlands)

Tacet (Germany)

Tactus (Italy)

Tadlow Music (UK)

Tadpole Music (UK)

Tafelmusik Media (Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra) (Canada)

Tahra (France)

Taizé, Les Presses de (France) (an imprint of Naïve)

Talanton Records (Germany) (an imprint of Asina Music)

Talent Records (Belgium)

Tall Poppies Records (Australia)

TD Records (Terry Davies) (UK)

TDK Arte dell’Arco (Japan)

TDK Music. See Arthaus Musik

Teal Creek Music (USA)

Teatro Real (Teatro Real de Madrid) (Spain)

Teknon (Netherlands)

Telarc (USA) (an imprint of Concord Music Group)

Telos Music Records (Switzerland)

Tempéraments. See Radio France

Tempus (Centro de Investigación y Difusión Musical) (Spain)

TER International (That’s Entertainment Records) (UK)

Testament Records (UK)

Thomas, Augusta Read (USA)

Thorofon (Germany) (an imprint of Bella Musica Edition)

Thunderbird Records (USA)

Timpani (France) (an imprint of The Naxos Labels)

Titanic Records (USA) (an imprint of Sirius Music)

Toccata Classics (UK)

Tonar Music (USA)

Towerhill Recordings (USA)

Transart (France)

Travelling. See Naïve

Triart (Czech Republic)

Triton, Disques (France)

Triton. See Octavia Records

Tròba Vox Editions (Troubadours Art Ensemble) (France)

Troubadisc (Germany)

Troy. See Albany Records

Trust Records (Morrison Music Trust) (New Zealand)

Tudor (Switzerland)


Turtle Records. See Challenge Classics

Tuxedo (Switzerland)


TwoPianists Records (2P) (South Africa)

TYXart (Germany)

Tzadik (Canada)

UHRecordings (University of Hertfordshire Recordings) (UK)

Ulman, Barbara (Canada)

Uncivilized World (France)

Unicef (Switzerland) (?distributed by Naxos?)

Unit Records (Switzerland)

United Archives (USA/Belgium)

United Classics (Netherlands) (an imprint of T2 Entertainment)

United Recordings (Netherlands)

Universal Music Classics (USA)

Universe Classics (Netherlands)

Unizarre International (Neil Smith) (UK)

Unknown Public (UK)

Unlimited Media (Germany/Russia)

Upbeat Recordings (UK)

Uppernote Publications (Rachel Brown) (UK)

Urania Historical Records (Italy)

Urlicht (USA)

Usha Records (Austria)

Usk Recordings (UK)

UT-3 Records (Belgium)

Utang-a-rebop (UK)

VAI Music (Video Artists International/VAI Audio) (USA)

Valois. See Naïve

Vanguard Classics. See Musical Concepts

vanlier (Josephine van Lier) (Canada)

VDE-Gallo (Switzerland)

Verso (Spain)

VIA Classic (France) (an imprint of FGL Music)

Videoland Klassik (Seefestspiele Mörbisch) (Austria) (an imprint of Gebhardt Medien)

Vienna (UK)

View DVD

Viking Mountain Records (USA)

Víra Records (USA)

Virgin Records. See Warner Classics

Vista Vera (Russia)

Vivat Music (The King’s Consort) (UK)

Vivum Records (Thomas Hewitt Jones) (UK)

Vixen (Czech Republic)

VMS Musical Treasures (Austria) (distributed by Zappel Music)

Voiceprint Records (UK) (an imprint of Floating World Records)

VOID Classics (Ivo Janssen et al) (Netherlands)

Vox Aeterna (Russia)

Vox Music (USA)

Wahoo (France)

Walhall Eternity (Germany) (an imprint of Gebhardt Musikvertrieb)

Walsingham Classics (Australia)

Warner Classics (USA/UK)

Warner Classics (USA/UK)

Washington National Cathedral (i.a.w. Loft Recordings)

Weapons of Mass Entertainment (USA)

Weave Records (UK)

Wellhard Records (UK)

Welsh Contemporary (UK)

Welspringe Productions (Christina Petrowska Quilico) (Canada)

Wergo (Germany) (an imprint of Schott Music & Media)

Wessex Tubas (UK)

West Hill Radio Archives (Canada) (distributed by Music & Arts)

Weton Wesgram (Netherlands)

Whaling City Sound - Balaena Chamber Series (Audrey & Paul Cienniwa) (USA)

Whirlwind Recordings (UK)

Whitehall Choir (UK)

Widescreen (Italy) (an imprint of Urania Historical Records)

Wiener Philharmoniker (Vienna Philharmonic Records) (Austria)

Wiener Symphoniker (Austria) (in association with Solo Musica)

Wigmore Hall Live (UK)

Winged Lion (Paul McCreesh) (UK) (in association with Signum Classics)

Winter & Winter, Music Edition (Germany)

Woodhouse Editions. See Regent Records

World Music Network (UK) (publishers of Rough Guides)

World Quartet Music (Roland & Lola Perrin) (UK)

X5 Music Group (Sweden)

XCMM Records (Colin Maier) (Canada)

XI Records (Experimental Intermedia) (USA)

Yarlung Records (USA)

York Ambisonic (UK)

Young, David, Productions (Carlos Bonell) (UK)

Ysaÿe Records (Quatuor Ysaÿe et al) (France)

Zach Records (Austria)

Zappel Music (Austria)

Zenph Studios (USA)

Zephyr Records (USA)

Zig-Zag Territoires (France) (an imprint of Outhere Music)

Zoho Music (USA) (an imprint of Music Alliance Membran)

Zuk Records (Germany)

Zulus (Austria)


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